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lingro info
This page describes some of the ways lingro helps you learn.
For a full list of lingro's capabilities please see the help page
lingro overview
lingro is an on-line environment for people learning languages. lingro's dictionaries remember all your translations and help you learn the vocabulary most important to you easier and faster.

You can navigate to all lingro's tools using the links in the top right corner of the page.

translate words and phrases
When you need a powerful dictionary, use lingro's instant search dictionary, which shows you results as you type! lingro instant search multilingual dictionary
instant search
If you want to read a webpage or document in a foreign language, you can open it in lingro web viewer. Then click on any word to display its translation or definition. lingro web viewer example
translation tooltip
learn vocabulary
Lingro keeps a list of the websites in visit, so you can come review each word you clicked in its original context by looking at your sentence history. lingro sentence history example
sentence history
Each word you translate is saved to your personal word history. You can create lists of vocabulary you'd like to learn from your word history using wordlists. lingro wordlist and word history example
Once you have a few words in your word history or wordlists, you can play games to review your vocabulary. language learning flashcards
flashcard game
improve dictionaries
Visit the dictionary builder to see the most important words missing from our dictionaries, and add them to our database. lingro open dictionary editing
dictionary builder
Or, if you notice a definition or translation that could be improved when you look up a word, you can edit it on the spot within the tooltip. lingro open dictionary editing
edit mode
...and help expand lingro's community dictionaries by adding new definitions and translations for words that don't yet exist in the dictionaries. adding a word to the lingro open dictionary
adding a new word